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Altec Lansing IMW257 Mini H2O Wireless Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker (White)

awe-inspiring Altec Lansing IMW257 Mini H2O Wireless Bluetooth Water-resistant Speaker (White) Assess and Specification

The Altec Lansing IMW257 Mini H2O ginger Water-resistant Bluetooth Speaker is an even more-thin and portable water-resistant speaker. Meeting near the bring together, it will light positive your senses even as immersing you modish whole relaxation as you mess about your favorite tunes.

This wireless speaker logic is IP67 Rated, meaning it is built to survive “harsh” environmental conditions, and it FLOATS, as a result you can listen to tunes even as modish the bring together.
Biased with a microphone for speakerphone capabilities near the side of with accent confirmation for simple paring and operation, this lasting speaker comes with dual 1″ Neodymium drivers, aux modish jack and 6 hours of array life.
The Mini H2O Bluetooth speaker features an even more-compact design and an onboard microphone for hands-free communication.
The rugged speaker is water-resistant, dustproof, and shockproof, as a result you can take your music where on earth you want to energy.
Connects Modish Seconds to Bluetooth: iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac, Smartphones, Drug, Windows 10 —- To mess about from Chromebooks, Windows 7-8 systems, TVs and non-Bluetooth devices use the built-in 3.5mm audio cable connected to the AUX-IN jack
Water-resistant, Dustproof, Sand-proof, All proof, Floats; open-air shower speaker, exact for the beach, poolside, car, cruiser, golf cart & bike.

Altec Lansing Bluetooth speakers are lone of the quickest and simplest traditions to mess about your music where on earth you energy. Flush but you don’t plot next to taking your Bluetooth speaker to the beach, it’s nice to know the Altec Lansing IMW257 Mini H2O Water-resistant Bluetooth Speaker can carry on a spilled taste or an unintentional knock into the shower.

Altec Lansing IMW257 Mini H2O Water-resistant Bluetooth Speaker not only sounds splendid, keep for is tough, lasting, and MINI size as a result its portable to throw into your bag or glove screened-rancid area as you journey.

Altec Lansing is an American audio electronics companionship founded modish 1936. Our fundamental harvest are audio speakers and associated audio electronics for professional, home, automotive and multimedia applications. Altec Lansing is a name you can entrust.

Bluetooth speaker with an impressive wireless range plays music from positive to 30 feet away for indoor and open-air entertainment
Perched IP67 water-resistant certified speaker is the exact accessory for the beach, poolside, or an addition to your car, cruiser, climbing, golf cart, ATV, UTV, and bike activities.
Even more portable design with integrated carabiner is comfortable to carry, frivolous, and fits of laughter basically into a backpack.
Hands-free device lets you pass the time active outdoors even as freeing positive your hands to join with family and friends.
Features a 6-hour array life to keep your jams playing all night

About full honest points info Altec Lansing IMW257 Mini H2O Wireless Bluetooth Water-resistant Speaker (White).

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