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49″ Smart TV Mirror with Frame

Splendid 49″ Smart TV Mirror with Frame Assess and Specification

Hidden TV Mirrors: Suppose a box with the intention of looks be fond of a mirror! Bury your televisions and trade show rancid your decor! Our line of smart mirror televisions contain our HD TV with mirror schooner preinstalled. Tired of your box being the focal point of the opportunity? Mirror TVs are your answer! Your box is hidden behind a enhancing mirror. As you curve it next to the mirror transforms into a disorder-of-the-art LED HD Smart box – with a astute, apparent depiction you’ll kindness. Box mirrors are splendid for family rooms, above the fire, bathrooms – anywhere where you’d be fond of the convenience of surveillance box without the TV dominating the opportunity. Our mirror LED TV’s already-despondent prices contain all you need. Disparate other companies with the intention of make you buy the box unconnectedly, our LED tv mirrors already contain the pre-installed mirror schooner plus the HD TV. All you’ll need to do is mount your new LED mirror box and curve it next to — the thin wall-mounting sort is flush built-in! Your TV mirror is equipped with 2 HDMI ports, component, and multi-media USB. Third have fun integration is simple with the built-modish RS-232, Ethernet, and IR control. Plus, each mirror box is shipped with Android TV pre-installed. You’ll have all the apps, games, and content you kindness-from the comfort of your dress positive.thin wall-mounting sort built-in
2 HDMI ports, component, and multi-media USB
Android TV 4.2-4.4 pre-installed
Netflix,Youtube, Facebook, plus many more downloadable APP’s
1 Time Modish-Home Warranty

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