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Alcatel Revvl 5049W – T-Mobile – 32GB – Black – Android Smartphone

Splendid Alcatel Revvl 5049W – T-movable – 32GB – Black – Android Smartphone Assess and Specification

The Alcatel Revvl is a variant of Alcatel A30 plus with the intention of has more domestic storage space and a fingerprint reader. It has a 5.5″ cover and sports a 3000 mAH non-removable camera. This device can stay next to defend positive to 384 hours and has a have a discussion calculate of positive to 12 hours. This device has an domestic memory of 32GB with the intention of is still expandable positive to 128GB via micro SD card. It has a 13MP rear camera and a 5MP adjoin camera exact for nature-portraits and record calls. The rear camera can also confirmation videos. It also features a 3.5mm audio jack and a 4G LTE relation. DOES THIS DEVICE NEED A SIM CARD: No problem it does Being with the intention of this device is T-movable Branded it will bring about next to any active T-movable Nano size SIM Card, The sim card does NOT come built-in you will need to contact T-movable to buy your complimentary Sim card (Free from T-movable with activating of an tab).
WHAT NETWORK FREQUENCIES ARE SUPPORTED BY THIS DEVICE: The Phone will help the following Frequency Bands: Frequency Quadrangle Band GSM UMTS: Band II (1900), Band IV (1700/2100), Band V (850), Band VIII (900) as well as LTE: 2, 4, 5, 12, 66. Please contact T-movable (former to buy) and inquirer but they help these bands modish your area to ensure the device will bring about By the book.
SOMETHING ABOUT THE HARDWARE: A removable 3,000mAh array with the intention of lasts for 12 hours of unremitting streaming and 16 days of defend. As well as a 5.5″ LCD and 13 MP Camera Runs with Bluetooth 4.1 and has a Fingerprint Sensor
WHAT DOES FINGERPRINT SECURITY MEAN: As a result this phone has a Fingerprint sensor to secure and to ensure your private information everlastingly stays safe, this is the top of the line and safest road to keep your private information safe
IS THIS DEVICE UNLOCKED: No. this device will happen safe and sound unto the T-movable Network for the first 2 Being with with the intention of cycle you can contact T-movable to in the least Unlock the device. THIS DEVICE WILL ONLY WORK ON THE T-MOBILE NETWORK OUT OF THE BOX.

About full honest points info Alcatel Revvl 5049W – T-movable – 32GB – Black – Android Smartphone.

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