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Altec Lansing iMW555-BLK Inmotion Bluetooth Speaker

awe-inspiring Altec Lansing iMW555-BLK Inmotion Bluetooth Speaker Assess and Specification

Take pleasure modish high feature audio from you Bluetooth devices

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Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

The Altec Lansing iMW555 InMotion Bluetooth Speaker is enabled for high dependability wireless audio streaming as used with any compatible device for an outstanding listening encounter. The iMW555 InMotion is a three-sided speaker with two active speakers and two passive radiators next to each of two sides, each side delivering stereo. The speaker can happen mounted horizontally or vertically next to a wall to keep interval next to your desk, countertop, or shelf.

Outstanding Feature

The InMotion iMW555 looks and feels as splendid as it sounds. With its high feature construction and industrial might molded casing, it is more than only a sweet package. Altec Lansing has bent a sturdy and well crafted device with the intention of is built to last.

Portable Design

Control the number from your device or the speaker. With positive to ten hours of array life, you by no means have to worry about being near an vehicle. It will flush continue playing music even as you copy, hurl by e-e-mail, or top the mess.


Pairing your device to the Bluetooth speaker is simple. Point made known the “iMW555” from your device, and it is memorized into the unit, equipped to energy at any calculate. With Vocal Confirmation, you’ll everlastingly know the status of your relation. The Bluetooth speaker will pile positive to eight uncommon sources modish its memory.

Altec InMotion at a Glance
  • Energy positive to 10 hours next to lone charge
  • Built-modish Aux jack to use with any device
  • Hands free speakerphone lets you take notice of and happen heard loud and apparent
  • Simple complex with effortless Bluetooth pairing with vocal confirmation
  • Playback offers pure sound with the intention of brings made known the best modish your music
  • Basically mount next to a wall horizontally or vertically to take positive a cut-rate amount of interval
Superior Sound

Altec Lansing’s high definition speakers will mess about your music plainly, allowing for huge sound made known of a tiny form factor. The precision, full-range drivers make it essential for open-air parties, beach trips, or any activity where you want your music to happen heard.

Point made known the Altec Bluetooth Speaker With the intention of’s Aptly for You

Bluetooth Orbit





Bluetooth pairing with vocal confirmation

Hands free speakerphone

DSP Audio Enhancement

Wireless try made known-modish

Built-modish charger for your mobile devices

APT-X Technology

Swappable affect skins

Built-in carabiner clip

Next to board microphone for hands-free communications
Built-modish rechargeable Li-ion array with positive to 10 hours of playback calculate
Wireless Try made known Modish for effortless pairing with NFC equipped devices
3.5mm Aux connector for extra device compatibility

About full honest points info Altec Lansing iMW555-BLK Inmotion Bluetooth Speaker.

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