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Altec Lansing IMW578s LifeJacket 3s Bluetooth Speaker (AB)

incredible Altec Lansing IMW578s LifeJacket 3s Bluetooth Speaker (AB) Assess and Specification

Built to survive the toughest of conditions, the Altec Lansing IMW578 LifeJacket 3 will last through it all. Dual the sound with Real Wireless Pairing. With IP67 water-resistant rating, the Altec Lansing LifeJacket is tough ample to bring next to any adventure. Packed with powerful features be fond of 50 foot wireless range, 30 hours of array lifeand a built modish smartphone charger.Tired of searching through Bluetooth speakers for the exact lone? You’ve establish the best choice with the Altec LifeJacket. This tiny speaker produces huge sound and has a lingering lasting array life to keep you listening to your favorite beats all night lingering.
Splashproof, water-resistant, dustproof, lifeproof! The Altec Lansing LifeJacket stereo is a speaker through to handle whatever business life throws at it. But you be in this world the greatest lifestyle, this speaker is for you.
Music is meant to happen loved everywhere – and this speaker can energy with you everywhere! But you’re modish the middle of roving, austerely slip this compact design speaker into your tense positive. But you prefer to listen to music modish your home, take pleasure modish music modish the kitchen, shower, bathroom, bedroom or poolside with this telephone logic.
Be in this world life with no strings attached! This wireless forbidding tooth speaker doesn’t need to pass the time plugged modish for you to mess about your favorite tunes. Listen to music for positive to 30 hours without worrying about pesky cords.
Features a 50 foot wireless range for essential audio encounter and a Accent Supporter integrated speakerphone to control your music with Siri or Google Supporter

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