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Altec Lansing IMW888-MOUNT (Speaker Not Included)

Splendid Altec Lansing IMW888-MOUNT (Speaker Not Built-in) Assess and Specification

Take an exceptional music encounter with you even as you’re made known and about with the Altec Lansing Mount. Austerely attach the mount to the back of any speaker for highly protected and superior audio! The heavy job handles of this mount can basically attach to a bike, helmet or any other differ as a result your music have fun by no means goes next to intermission! The rubberized slips keep your speaker modish house as a result you by no means have to worry about your music arresting a bump modish the path. Competent to call speakers of various weights, the Altec Lansing Mount ensures the beat by no means stops and the have fun goes next to!Competent to survive any speaker’s weight for splendid music everywhere you energy
Simple screw gathering for quick installation
Attaches conveniently to bikes and any other material or surfaces
Through of lasting and sturdy materials to happen competent to call its own modish any open-air conditions

About full honest points info Altec Lansing IMW888-MOUNT (Speaker Not Built-in).

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