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Altec Lansing Music Speaker

Splendid Altec Lansing Music Speaker Assess and Specification

The even more-portable iM207 Orbit near Altec Lansing lets you basically impart your music with those around you. With a unique design with the intention of produces a full-bodied, 360-point sound, you will take notice of the music loud and apparent. And with a tiny trace with the intention of basically fits of laughter modish your tense positive or sack, you can make the music ongoing for an impromptu have fun at any calculate.

The Altec Lansing Orbit Speaker:

  • projects sound modish all directions;
  • can roll next to its edge for private listening;
  • provides 24 hours of listening next to three AAA batteries; and
  • has built-modish cord management.

The unique around design offers a 360-point sound. View larger.

Tipped next to its edge, the speaker can happen aimed at for private listening. View larger.

Unique, Around Design with 360-Point Sound
With only a quick preview at the Orbit, you know you’re modish for a upset unique. Its around form uses a cone design integrated with a custom Altec Lansing speaker to machinate full, distortion-free sound modish each direction. All your friends will take notice of the music and marvel where the splendid sound is appearance from. But you would be fond of a more private listening encounter, only deposit the Orbit next to its edge for a more all ears and aimed at sound.

At only 3.5 inches modish diameter and 1.6 inches tall, the Orbit will energy where on earth you energy. Throw it modish your sack or tense positive and influence it made known where on earth you are: next to a playground bench, next to the street corner, coming up for the bus. To curve it next to, austerely twist the entire speaker; this prevents it from casually turning next to modish your bag or sack. And don’t worry about heartless the Orbit; it’s built to handle flush the most reckless travelers.

A smartly calculated integrated cable management lets you wrap the cable around the speaker and keeps the stereo mini-promote made known of the road as not modish use.

Outstanding Array Life
You don’t have to worry about array life with the Orbit; with three AAA batteries, the Orbit will mess about for positive to 24 unremitting hours, more than ample to keep the have fun inane all night lingering.

The Altec Lansing Orbit is backed near a lone-time warranty.

What’s modish the Box
Orbit speaker (with 3.5-inch cable attached) and user’s manual.

Make the have fun ongoing no topic where you are.

Compatibility: all iPods, MP3 players, CD players, laptops
Even more-portable speaker produces full-bodied, 360-point sound
Lingering array life provides positive to 24 hours of mess about next to 3 AAA batteries (not built-in)
Smartly calculated integrated cable management logic; shock-resistant, rugged design with the intention of’s exact for journey
Projects music modish all directions for full stereo encounter; unique figure lets you preside finished music to single listener

About full honest points info Altec Lansing Music Speaker.

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