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Bose SoundTrue Headphones Around-Ear Style, Mint

incredible Bose SoundTrue Headphones Around-Ear Style, Mint Assess and Specification

SoundTrue headphones – Around-ear style – Mint

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First Designs to All fit Your Style

SoundTrue headphones are calculated with you modish mentality. They’re engineered to make all your music sound surpass, delivering deep, apparent audio for all your favorites. They’re as a result frivolous and comfortable, you force forget you’re wearing them. Keep for they’re heavy-job, too, built to carry on your unavailable life. They’re available modish an array of first new designs. As a result point made known your affect … and trade show your style.


  • Full, natural sound for all your music
  • Faintly padded diadem and memory foam cushions
  • Inline microphone and remote for simple switching between calls and music
  • Also available modish an next to-ear style

As Peculiar As You Are
You can point made known from four insignia of SoundTrue around-ear heapdhones: Black, White, Mint and Black/Mint.
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Gentle, Around-ear All fit
SoundTrue around-ear headphones figure gentle earcups with the intention of rest gently next to your ears for hours of comfortable listening.
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Levelheaded Protection
SoundTrue headphones come with a transportation case with the intention of’s as rugged as it is stylish.
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Trade show Your Style
You everlastingly preview astute. With first designs and bright insignia, SoundTouch headphones are a exact all fit.
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Powerful Sound, Frivolous Design

SoundTrue headphones figure an well ahead acoustic design for apparent, natural audio across the full spectrum—from vocalists who hit the high note, aptly down to a excellent bass line dance. Energy ahead, drop physically modish music. A faintly padded diadem and memory foam ear cushions stay comfortable no topic how lingering your playlist is.

Convenience and Durability

More than a proclamation modish style, SoundTrue headphones are calculated to grant lasting feature. The audio cable attaches to a single earcup for greater frankness of passage and a cut-rate amount of tangling. It also detaches for convenient storage space. The earcups conveniently fold flat and the diadem is collapsible. And the built-in transportation case makes for simple transport even as showing your design choice.

Modish Tune and Modish Upset

SoundTrue headphones are calculated specifically for use with your iPhone and other Apple harvest. The integrated inline remote, located next to the back of the microphone, lets you control music functions—chat number, mess about/intermission tracks, skip tracks forward/backward, quick forward/reverse and chat playlists. You can also thrash between calls and music with lone-upset ease—all without accomplishment for your device. See which features are compatible with now’s most standard phones. Controls number, footstep selection and accent applications next to brilliant Apple® harvest, and switches between calls and music. Brilliant features also compatible with many standard smartphones.” This item can happen used next to other smartphones as well.

Product Honest points

  • Headphone dimensions: 7.5” H x 6” W x 1.5” D (19.1 cm x 15.2 cm x 3.8 cm)
  • Weight with cable: 4.9 oz (140 g)
  • Cord length: 66” (167.6 cm)
  • Ear moderate: 3.8” H x 2.9” W (9.6 cm x 7.4 cm)

What’s modish the Box

  • SoundTrue around-ear headphones
  • Inline remote and microphone cable (66”)
  • Transportation case

Full and natural sound for all your music.Connectivity Technology: Wired
Faintly padded diadem and memory foam cushions
Also available modish an next to-ear style

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