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Coby LEDTV1926 19-Inch 720p HDMI LED TV/Monitor

incredible Coby LEDTV1926 19-Inch 720p HDMI LED TV/Monitor Assess and Specification

With a slim profile and brilliant 19″ cover, the LEDTV1926 gives you splendid high-def viewing modish a interval-saving package. A digital HDMI relation provides crisp depiction and exact signal transmission, even as energy-well-organized technology keeps your carbon trace despondent. Manifold inputs and a 15-pin VGA boundary allow the LEDTV1926 to happen used as a box or notebook monitor. Digital blast reduction and integrated parental control also built-in.

* 19-inch widescreen LED HDTV attractive super-slim profile fits of laughter anywhere profile fits of laughter anywhere.
* Energy well-organized technology meets Energy Star 3.0 and California Energy Fee principles (defend potential <1W) * Built-modish digital TV tuner (ATSC/NTSC/ QAM), HDMI digital relation delivers exact signal transmission, PC VGA relation for use as a notebook monitor * Digital blast reduction, V-poker chip parental control, Closed- Bearing, and Electronic Curriculum Guide help * Multi-foreign language next to-cover show, Wall-mountable design (VESA 75mm x 75mm)
About full honest points info Coby LEDTV1926 19-Inch 720p HDMI LED TV/Monitor.

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