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Garmin Approach S6, Dark

awe-inspiring Garmin Transact business with S6, Dark Assess and Specification

First-of-its Sort GPS Technology modish Our Slimmest, Lightest Golf Watch

  • Features swing metrics: SwingTempo, TempoTraining and SwingStrength™
  • Dyed-modish-the-skin CourseView pin with Conservational View for manual pin positioning
  • PinPointer blind shot help tells you where the pin is, flush but you can’t see it
  • Touchscreen, high-resolution, glove-forthcoming
  • Precise distances for 38,000 global courses; no subscriptions or fees

Approach S3

The Transact business with S6 is a slim, frivolous, figure-packed ciao-resolution affect touchscreen GPS golf watch with first-of-its-sort swing metrics.

Swing Metrics

Use S6 to teach your swing with swing metrics, featuring SwingTempo and TempoTraining. SwingTempo events the link between upswing and downswing and expresses it as a ratio. Modish studies of successful golf swings, an essential ratio of 3:1 has emerged, flush with have fun variations of alacrity. TempoTraining uses the 3:1 ratio and gives you audible tones to synchronize your swing workings and honest-tune swing rhythm. Which makes S6 as vital next to the pouring range as it is next to the road.

CourseView Full Affect Maps

S6 features full-affect road views for 38,000 global courses and a dyed-modish-the-skin CourseView pin to make you to the second shot view promptly. Preview doglegs, traps and fill up hazards and pin positioning from where on earth you are next to the road, or clubhouse.

Approach S6


The PinPointer blind shot help figure — earlier only available modish our top-of-the-line handhelds — gives you a directional arrow to the conservational. Now you can know where to line positive your shot, flush but you are modish the woods or deep modish a trap.

Upset and Step the Pin

Conservational View shows you the real shape and layout of the conservational flush but you are behind it. Use the affect touchscreen to manually drag-and-decline the pin to the calculate’s location. As you step the pin, your interval-to-the-pin facts will chat respectively. This is primarily caring next to par 3’s where you’ll happen competent to dial modish the interval you need to fire away with confidence.

Instant, Simple and Precise

Rugged and fill up rated to 5 ATM (50 meters), it displays yardages to the adjoin, back and middle of greens next to a high-resolution, glove-forthcoming affect touchscreen. And, it lets you manually position pins, make distances to doglegs and layups, make to peacefulness yardage points (mark traps and hazards) and photograph digital scorecards for Stroke mess about and Stableford.

Smartphone Notifications

By no means miss another copy, hurl by e-e-mail or alert only in view of the fact with the intention of your smartphone is deep modish your bag. S6 acts as a wireless extension of your iPad® or iPhone® 4s or shortly, showing whatever your device does, aptly next to your watch. Now you can scan with the intention of hurl by e-e-mail or copy you’ve been coming up for, via Bluetooth®, flush modish the middle of the fairway.

Longer Life Array

S6 features more array life for longer mess about or more rounds. Basically make modish a weekend of GPS golf with positive to 10 hours modish full GPS and positive to 20 weeks, depending next to manner, before the lithium-ion array needs to happen revived.

Preloaded Courses and Free Updates

The S6 may happen our lightest, thinnest golf watch, keep for we’ve preloaded it with 38,000 global courses — without extra fees or compensated subscriptions. Modish addition, you’ll happen competent to download free road updates when they become available.

Approach S6

Make to peacefulness Distances

S6 gives you distances to the adjoin, back and center of the conservational, as well as distances to doglegs. It also allows you to input and keep customizable yardage points — such as fill up hazards or bunkers — from anywhere next to the road.

Keep Handicaps, Scores and Measure Shots

S6 has handicap scoring options for have fun holes, player’s local handicap or pointer/slope method. Scoring options contain Stroke mess about and Stableford, and you can keep, assess, impart and photograph scorecards from your notebook. Plus, as you hit a huge lone you can see how far away it went with the Measure Shot figure.


Garmin Join™ Golf

Garmin Join is the online golf community with the intention of lets you mess about, at that calculate impart and equate. Download your around and contrast it to your last around, footstep improvements to your handicap for each road you mess about. Garmin Join Golf can flush assemble your essential around combining your best score for each hole to make your essential 18 for with the intention of road.

An Everyday Watch With Style

Near the road, the S6 flush tells you the calculate. S6 features an odometer to see how far away you walk. A around timer also is built-in to keep footstep of how lingering it takes you to mess about 18 holes.

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High-Resolution, Touchscreen Affect Show and Free Calculate Road Updates
SwingStrength – SwingTempo – TempoTraining – PinPointer – Handicap Scoring
Smart Notification – Stat Tracking – CourseView Map Layout – Upset Targeting
Conservational View with Manual Pin Positioning – Yardages to Adjoin, Back, & Middle of Conservational – Events Shot Distances – Layup/Dogleg Distances – Digital Scorecard (Photograph & Keep) – Around Timer
Garmin Join Compatibility – Fill up Rating (garmin.com/waterrating) 5ATM(50m) – Rechargeable Li-ion 10hrs(GPS)/14wks(watch) – Back Background Affect white/black/custom. Array life positive to 20 weeks (watch manner); positive to 10 hours (GPS manner)

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