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Hisense 55T710DW 55-Inch 1080p 120Hz 3D Internet LED HDTV (2014 Model)

incredible Hisense 55T710DW 55-Inch 1080p 120Hz 3D Internet LED HDTV (2014 Develop) Assess and Specification

55″ Class XT LED 710 Run Hisense Smart TV (55T710DW)

Hisense Smart TV

Happen fit to suppose a new era of box with this Hisense Smart TV. Happen connected to thousands of movies, music and games next to a brilliant TV show. Joyous insignia, crisp budge tide and mentality-blowing 3D bring you to a world as a result plain, you’ll have a upset calculate appearance back to reality. Sit back, relax, and make lost modish a world of 3D. 

Take pleasure modish entertainment you want as you want it. The Hisense Smart TV is equipped with built-modish Wi-Fi, Internet, and equipped-to-energy applications for smart surveillance.

Hisense Smart TV

Digital LED Technology

Take pleasure modish superior clarity and brilliant affect. The LED backlight brings vibrant insignia and new levels of depiction clarity near constantly adapting to the images next to the cover, producing splendid detail even as deliverying a affect breadth with the intention of ranges positive to 105% NTSC. LED TVs use LED backlighting and deliver breakthrough depiction feature modish an energy-well-organized, eco-forthcoming design. Take pleasure modish an incredible range of brightness and affect modish an even more-slim style.

1080p Full HD

Full HD 1080p

With 1920x1080p Full High Definition resolution, 1080 horizontal lines make stunning honest points and crystal-apparent, vibrant insignia to make a brilliantly realistic depiction.

Dynamic Contrast

Even more Dynamic Contrast

Even more Dynamic Contrast allows you to obtain a high contrast ration of 3,000,000:1, giving you “blacker” blacks and brighter insignia.

Crystal Design

Crystal Design

The black glossy surface, crystal edge, paint-free technology with the hidden speaker logic are the visage of pure classiness and allows you to all fit this large cover TV modish tiny chairs.

Eco Design

Eco Design

Hisense TVs are individually calculated to keep energy and maintain the environment. The backlight panel can also happen adjusted for energy conservation.

         USB 2.0 Multimedia and HDMI

Side ShotThis Hisense TV has a USB connector which allows access to multimedia (JPG, MP3, etc) from most USB-flash drives and digital cameras (USB memory-class device). Promote the USB into the slot next to the side/underside of the TV and access your favorite photos, music, or movies. HDMI supports both digital audio and record modish lone connectin. It makes an uncompressed digital RGB relation from the fund to the cover for the essential depiction feature. With manifold HDMI inputs next to the back and side of the TV, you can join manifold HD sources, such as a HD fit-top box, a Blu-ray player, and a game console or digital AV player. 

Record: 55″ Class, 55″ cover leisurely diagonally, Full HD 1920 x 1080
Features: Smart TV, Built-modish Wi-Fi, Full HD 3D Active Close Glasses (2 pairs), 120Hz Refresh Rate
Digital Inputs: 4 HDMI Inputs; USB Digital Media Player
Catalog of Apps Available: AC360, Hit of the Trade show, Huge Kindness, Blackjack, Californication, Checkers, CNBC, CNN Daily, Join Four, Cute Richman, Daily Budge, Tasty TV, Dexter, Discovery, Dive Films HD, Facebook, Flickr, Hidden Universe, MotorZ, MSNBC, Inhabitant Lampoon, NBC Night by night Hearsay, Netflix, New York Times, Nova, Opera Browser, Pandora, Picasa, Scam Lecture, Have a give of Dealer, Sudoku, Ted Discussion, Now, Real Blood, Twitter, UVTV, Vudu HD Movies, X-Mess about, YouTube

 *Note: As developers make new Apps, they are hard-pressed to Hisense Smart TVs modish updates. More apps to come!


1920 x 1080 full HD 120Hz, 3D, Smart edge-lit LED
3D Active with 2 duo glasses built-in, Energy Star 5.3
4 HDMI connections

About full honest points info Hisense 55T710DW 55-Inch 1080p 120Hz 3D Internet LED HDTV (2014 Develop).

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