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Hitachi 50″ Class 1080p LED HDTV – LE50H508

awe-inspiring Hitachi 50″ Class 1080p LED HDTV – LE50H508 Assess and Specification

Description Encounter Matters Only Hitachi unleashes the real potential and beauty of LED Liquid Crystal Box. The new Hitachi 50″ Class (49.50″ Diag.) delivers disorder-of-the-art depiction routine using the latest LED and liquid crystal technologies to give you an incredible life-be fond of viewing encounter. High Style and High Regard The stunning depiction is framed near a luxurious brushed anthracite bezel. The figure rich Hitachi TV includes 3 HDMI pure digital inputs with the latest technologies. Seamlessly integrate the latest home audio harvest using the HDMI Audio Return Preside finished “ARC”. Use the built-in remote to control the latest Blu-ray Players and other consumer electronic home acting harvest via the HDMI Consumer Electronics Control “CEC”. For the smartest TV doable you can use the built-in remote control to seamlessly integrate and run the ROKU Streaming Stab (sold unconnectedly). A USB Photo Viewer is conveniently located for a home acting digital photo frame encounter. Specifications Key Features: LED Preside finished lighting enables a sleek, slim profile with incredible depiction feature and energy efficiency

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