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iLuv i177 Alarm Clock Speaker System for iPod (Black)

Splendid iLuv i177 Alarm Timer Speaker Logic for iPod (Black) Assess and Specification

As the iPod was first unhindered, most viewed it as a private music player for roving, effective made known, or other “have fun” activities. Keep for with the intention of all changed as people ongoing storing their entire music collections next to their iPods and dependability away with CDs completely. Among the many product categories with the intention of emerged modish the aftermath was the iPod-point speaker logic, which lets you listen to your entire iTunes pile made known loud keep for without sacrificing portability. The jWin I177BLK is the latest incarnation–a user-forthcoming, compact speaker logic with the intention of looks to some extent be fond of a timer telephone logic (and functions be fond of lone, too), keep for stands equipped to deliver deep, rich audio playback.

The powered logic is outfitted with a dock next to the top surface with the intention of holds many iPod models. The dock not only grips the iPod modish an simple-to-access location, building it a breeze to learn point songs or hit shuffle, keep for it also charges the iPod even as modish use. As a result, you can remove the iPod from the dock aptly before effective made known and it’ll still happen completely exciting, flush with playing through the speakers for an entire calculate. Flush surpass, the I177BLK isn’t top bolt from the blue to the iPod, as it also connects to other USB-equipped private MP3 players. Households with numerous private music players won’t happen left made known of the playback loop.

The logic’s audio routine is favorably nourishing thankfulness to jWin’s Aura acoustic technology, which adds depth and clarity to the music reproduction. And flush even if the logic is built for digital music minutes, it also includes a built-modish timer, a dual alarm gathering, and an AM/FM _radio with PLL digital tuning technology. The telephone logic makes the unit essential for bedrooms, offices, and other locations where an alarm comes modish clever. Listeners flush have their choice of waking to the iPod, the telephone logic, or a timer.

Bonus features contain a user-forthcoming backlit LCD cover, a precision number control with the intention of ensures a comfortable sound level, a remote control for most convenience, and an open-air loop antenna with the intention of improves the AM reception. The I177BLK, which comes modish a sleek black housing with the intention of events 11.25 near 3.12 near 6.75 inches (W x H x D), is backed near a lone-time warranty next to parts and labor.

What’s modish the Box
I177BLK speaker logic, remote control, iPod adapters, open-air AM loop antenna, user’s manual.

Compatibility: iPod mini; iPod nano 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G; iPod classic 4G, 5G, 5.5G, 6G; iPod upset 1G, 2G
Digital timer show with dual alarm gathering
High and despondent dimmer control
Take a nap or wake to your iPod, AM/FM telephone logic
Integrated complete dock for your iPod

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