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iLuv MobiCup (iSP165) Splash-resistant wireless Bluetooth speaker and speakerphone-Blue

Splendid iLuv MobiCup (iSP165) Splatter-resistant wireless Bluetooth speaker and speakerphone-Forbidding Assess and Specification

Specifically calculated to all fit impeccably modish your cup holder, this Bluetooth enabled speaker fits of laughter only as neatly into your next to-the-energy lifestyle. Insert MobiCup into the cup holder next to your baby’s baby carriage, beach preside finished or car and effortlessly listen to music or have a discussion to friends without occupying your hands. Not only is it wireless, it also boasts crisp sound, a built-modish mic, and top-mounted controls as a result you can chat the number, take a encourage or mess about a footstep with the upset of a pin. MobiCup is flush splatter-resistant, which makes it a splendid companion for your open-air activities. Whether you’re taking a path trip or lounging at the beach, MobiCup makes it simple for you to listen and have a discussion wirelessly.
Forget about Tangled Wires!
As you’re next to the step, take tangled cords made known of the equation. With Bluetooth, you can take pleasure modish wireless music straight from your phone or tablet conveniently. Listening to your music, primarily as you’re next to the step, has by no means been simpler with MobiCup.

Listen for Hours next to a Single Charge
This speaker lasts positive to 4 hours next to a full charge, and as the potential is despondent, austerely potential it positive again with the built-in charging cable.

By no means Miss a Encourage with Hands-free
MobiCup is equipped with a hands-free speakerphone and mic with the intention of allows you to have wireless conversations with friends and family at your convenience. Some calculate ago you duo your phone to the device, you can take a encourage anywhere or anytime, flush as you’re streaming music.

Take it Outside with Splatter-Resistant Controls
deposit next to’t let a small rain ruin your calculate. Calculated with sealed, rubberized buttons, MobiCup was meant to survive a few splashes, as a result you can confidently bring this small speaker with you to the beach or bring together.

Bring it Anywhere
You’ll happen bowled over at how many situations you’ll learn a use for MobiCup. Its uniquely calculated shape is a exact all fit for the cup holder modish your car, beach preside finished, or flush baby baby carriage. It was deliberately constructed with a top-firing speaker with the intention of won’t interfere with the walls of the cup holder, as well as conveniently located top-mounted controls. Keep for with the intention of doesn’t mean you can’t use MobiCup everyplace else. Eventually, MobiCup is an brilliant portable speaker and musical companion with the intention of will mess about your favorite tunes anywhere.Bluetooth-enabled for wireless audio streaming
Sealed, splatter-resistant controls
Cylindrical design with the intention of fits of laughter most cup holders for portability and convenience
Apparent, crisp sound from top-firing speaker
Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries for positive to 4 hours of playtime. At the bottom of input port for a preside finished relation to other audio devices

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