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JAM Classic Bluetooth Wireless Speaker (White) HX-P230WT

Splendid JAM Classic Bluetooth Wireless Speaker (White) HX-P230WT Assess and Specification

JAM Classic Wireless Speaker. The Essential Have fun Portable Speaker

Take pleasure modish sweet sound modish a sleek, portable design with this Jam rechargeable Bluetooth* wireless speaker near HMDX Audio. Use the wireless speaker only about anywhere–from the kitchen or living opportunity to a dorm opportunity, office, back deck, or den. It can flush happen full near the side of to the beach as relaxing modish the summer sunshine with friends.

To duo the speaker to a handheld device, austerely make doable the policy Bluetooth functionality and enter the code provided. The speaker can join wirelessly from positive to 30 feet away, and it facility with most Bluetooth-enabled Smartphones, drug, notebooks, and desktops, counting iPad, iPhone, and iPod.

The Jam wireless speaker features a rechargeable lithium-ion array with the intention of provides positive to four hours of wireless mess about. The speaker also comes with line-modish capability, which allows you to join your non-Bluetooth-enabled devices directly to the speaker. Using the line-modish relation, jam to all your favorite tunes for positive to 12 hours.

A USB to micro-USB cord (built-in) makes it simple to recharge the array. Austerely join the USB to your notebook, wall adapter, or myCharge charging key and the micro USB to the Jam speaker.

INCREDIBLE SOUND: deposit next to’t let the tiny size fool you – this speaker kicks made known fantastic sound!
BLUETOOTH: Join wirelessly with any Bluetooth device modish a 30-foot range. AUX-IN PORT: Cord it positive and listen next to any device – Bluetooth or not.
SPEAKERPHONE: Answer calls directly from your JAM Classic speaker.
VOICE PROMPTS: Listen positive! Your speaker tells you what it’s dependability (powering next to, connecting, etc.).
PORTABLE: The JAM Classic can basically all fit into a tense positive or backpack. RECHARGEABLE: Charge for 3 hours to grant positive to 5 hours of mess about calculate.

About full honest points info JAM Classic Bluetooth Wireless Speaker (White) HX-P230WT.

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