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Kyocera DuraXT E4277 PTT (Sprint)

incredible Kyocera DuraXT E4277 PTT (Gallop) Assess and Specification

Phone is for SPRINT, will not bring about for other carriers. Not compatible with prepaid accounts.
Whether it’s fill up, dirt, or gravity, job sites are brutal next to phones. Take it all next to with DuraXT, the push to have a discussion clamshell phone available exclusively for Gallop.
Built for extremes, the ruggedized Kyocera DuraXT meets Air force Standard 810G for:
warmth extremes
blowing rain
despondent difficulty
solar radiation
salt fog
fill up interest

And for those more slippery situations, Dura-Grip provides a rubber, non-slip exterior for guaranteed call and extra durability.Benefit with phone 500 min 30days
2012 develop

About full honest points info Kyocera DuraXT E4277 PTT (Gallop).

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