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LG AX260 Scoop

awe-inspiring LG AX260 Scoop Assess and Specification

LG Scoop for Alltel is an competent messaging phone with a levelheaded midrange figure fit. But you’re into texting, it’s your best reckon next to Alltel, and it flush supports Microsoft Chat, as a result you can make your bring about e-e-mail.The Scoop is basically Alltel’s version of the LG Rumor for Gallop, and modish design and routine it’s sweet much the constant as with the intention of brilliant device. A relatively thick, rounded small sweetie bar-style phone, the 4.3-tiny amount Scoop events 4.3 near 2 near 0.7 inches (HWD) and features a slide-made known QWERTY keypad, whose cover promptly rotates as you influence made known the keys. The Scoop runs next to Alltel’s CDMA 1X network, which isn’t 3G keep for is usually available across Alltel’s coverage area.

A extremely excellent accent phone, the Scoop has average reception, keep for its audio feature is levelheaded. Calls through the earpiece and speakerphone are reasonably loud, even if here is a morsel of distortion at top number. Transmissions through the microphone came through with only affront background blast. The Scoop corresponding basically with our Aliph Jawbone receiver Bluetooth accent feature was sanction, keep for here was noticeable background hiss. Array life was impressive, delivering more than 5 hours of have a discussion calculate. Ringtones are loud, keep for the vibrating alert was of average might.

With the Scoop, the genuine fun is modish the messaging. Slide commence the keypad, and you’re immediately open with the option to hurl copy post or log modish to AIM or Yahoo! Instant Messenger. The IM client, from OZ, runs modish the background keep for doesn’t help entire AOL buddy lists, only “mobile” followers. Here’s also an brilliant $2.99-per-month e-e-mail client from Seven with the intention of supports AOL, Gmail, POP/IMAP e-mail, and any Microsoft Chat Ma?tre d’h?tel with Outlook Mess Access enabled. Post come through as copy-only, keep for the boundary is astute and attractive. The phone flush cobbles together a quickie address tome from the names next to your recently received post. The Scoop is sort of a indigent guy’s BlackBerry..Cover Size 2 inches Cover Honest points 176×220 262k affect TFT LCD
Camera No problem
Network CDMA Bands 850, 1900 High-Alacrity Facts 1xRTT, EVDO

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