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LG V10, Black 64GB (AT&T)

Splendid LG V10, Black 64GB (AT&T) Assess and Specification

The LG V10 is the at that calculate road to grab the second, make your report, and impart it with a single tap. This is the smartphone for storytellers. Life is rarely smooth and by no means stands still, as a result grab your LG V10 with Steady Confirmation and confirmation life as it happens, where it happens, bumps and all. And take full creative control during your spurt with Manual Record Manner-things and control normally establish next to high-end camcorders. Take full creative control and chat settings modish genuine calculate with Manual Record Manner.Show: 5.7-inches
Camera: 16-MP

About full honest points info LG V10, Black 64GB (AT&T).

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