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Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse Surface Edition

incredible Microsoft Arc Upset Mouse Surface Edition Assess and Specification

Arc Upset Mouse Surface Edition

Inspired near Surface, this unique edition mouse is uniquely calculated for life next to the energy.

Click next to the curve.

Austerely curve the mouse to potential it next to, and flatten to potential rancid. At that calculate, toss it into your sack or bag. Plus, you can you use the Arc Upset Mouse only about anywhere, be fond of approximate wood surfaces and carpet — flush positive to 30 feet away. It’s the exact key for portable productivity.


  • Comfortable, elegant and watch-infectious, this mouse is calculated for quick use and simple storage space. Only curve the mouse gently to make ongoing. And as you’re through, potential down near annihilation it made known.
  • Use BlueTrack Technology next to effectively any surface, from approximate wood to carpet.
  • Responding correctly to the alacrity of your fiddle with passage, the Upset Strip scans through papers or mess pages completely near feel.
  • Point made known from two traditions to scroll, with your fiddle with passage or modish the contrary direction with 2-Road Upset Scrolling.
  • Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Connectivity facility with Surface and other (SmartReady) Bluetooth 4.0-enabled PCs and drug.

Supported Platforms: Surface with Windows RT, Windows 8 Pro, Windows 8.1 and Windows 8.1 Pro
Dimensions: 2.25″ / 57mm x 5.12″ / 130mm x .57″ / 14.5mm
Weight: 2.29 oz.
Connector Category: Bluetooth

2013 Microsoft Inc. All rights reserved.

Styled to contest Surface, the Mouse boasts a sleek dark titanium close.
The award-attractive design of Arc Upset was bent with a mobile lifestyle modish mentality.
As modish use, this stylish cut of ingenuity shapes to the natural curve of your hand. And as you’re through, only flatten it made known for simple storage space modish your sack or bag.
Connects wirelessly with Bluetooth for a clutter-free encounter.
Superior comfort with the intention of’s calculated to all fit your aptly or left hand.
Facility next to effectively any surface with BlueTrack Technology.

About full honest points info Microsoft Arc Upset Mouse Surface Edition.

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