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Microsoft Xbox 360 Wired Controller

Splendid Microsoft Xbox 360 Wired Controller Assess and Specification

The Xbox 360 Controller features an extended nine-foot cable and a comfortable ergonomic design. The centralized, glowing Xbox Guide Pin grants you quick access to your digital trade show, music, and games libraries. The essential modish gamer flexibility, precision, control, feature, and comfort are all yours.Extended nine-foot cable with the intention of plugs into your console
Adjustable trembling feedback for a personalized gaming encounter
Compact ergonomics for comfortable mess about
Facility with most Windows Outlook-based PCs and Integrated receiver port for Xbox LIVE mess about
PLEASE NOTE: This item is discontinued modish the U.S. and is sourced from another people, therefore, the product packaging may have some other languages written next to it above and additional than English. Otherwise, the unit itself is the constant as U.S. version.

About full honest points info Microsoft Xbox 360 Wired Controller.

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