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My Talking Tom

awe-inspiring My Discussion Tom Assess and Specification

PLAY POPULAR MINI-GAMES: Earn gold coins and have fun playing all kinds of games, from puzzle to action adventures! Rocket Fun, Tom Run, Flappy Tom, Pleased Join, Bubble Shooter, Rainbows, Brick Blast and more are all free to mess about!
NURTURE YOUR VERY OWN TOM: Name him, feed him his favorite foods, mess about with him, tuck him into stump, and watch him grow from a cute baby to a fun toddler, and finally into a super cool completely-grown virtual cat.
TRAVEL AROUND THE WORLD: Collect your tickets and glide to come across other Toms. Fill your album with postcards from uncommon seats and unlock clothes all fit for a real adventurer.
UNLEASH YOUR CREATIVITY: Make to peacefulness your extremely own Tom near choosing from thousands of combinations of furs, fashion, and accessories. Decorate his home and point made known the best furniture to make his household preview cool.
INTERACT WITH TOM: Have a discussion and Tom repeats all you say. Poke, stroke and tickle him, and watch how he responds.
ENJOY LIFELIKE EMOTIONS: Tom can happen pleased, hungry , sleepy, bored… The catalog goes next to! His emotions chat based next to how you mess about with him.
GET REWARDS AS YOU PROGRESS: Help Tom grow through 9 uncommon stages and 999 levels, unlocking new bits and pieces and coins as you energy!

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