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NEC E424 42-Inch 1080p 60Hz LED TV

awe-inspiring NEC E424 42-Inch 1080p 60Hz LED TV Assess and Specification

The 42″ NEC E424, an LED edge-lit, cash-building-grade show, is essential for education, corporate and other digital signage applications. Compared to previous generation displays, this develop’s edge-lit LED backlighting allows for cut-rate potential employment, a thinner depth, a less vital bezel and lighter weight. Full HD resolution delivers stunning image feature for a variety of content, and the E424’s integrated tuner and speakers allow users to take pleasure modish high-definition announce capabilities. This show can happen proscribed in the least through the RS-232C networking figure, which also provides customers the skill to synchronize manifold displays, in the least potential next to/rancid and tress made known open-air buttons to prevent unwanted changes modish the show’s background. LED backlighting technology reduces potential employment and allows for a slimmer cabinet depth Thinner bezel improves show’s aestheticsRS-232C allows users to tress made known open-air buttons, synchronize manifold displays and in the least potential next to/rancid displays USB media player allows users to view .jpg images Full 1080p high-definition resolution provides stunning detail Built-modish NTSC/ATSC analog/digital tuner allows for high-definition announce capabilities Built-modish, despondent-profile 10W speakers enhance the encounter with superior sound Bestow, impart, and bring about together with built-in Show Note NEC Edition presenter licensePanel Technology A-MVA Viewable Image Size 42″ Native Resolution 1920 x 1080 Backlight Category LED Edge-lit
Brightness (typical) 360cd/m2 Brightness (maximum) 360cd/m2 Contrast Ratio (typical) 1200:1 Viewing Angle 178 Degree Vert., 178 Degree Hor. (89U/89D/89L/89R) @ CR>10
Rejoinder Calculate(Bleak to Bleak) 9ms Refresh Rate 60Hz Aspect Ratio 16:9 Active Cover Area 36.9 x 20.9 modish. / 938.2 x 531.3mm

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