incredible NEC P554 55IN LCD PUBL DISPL MNTR (P554-AVT2) Assess and Specification

NEC’s 55″ Large Cover P554-AVT2 integrated with a digital tuner (SB-11TM). New contemporary and slim mechanical design with all ears aesthetics allows for the smooth and stylistic integration into any category of environment. Their full metal skeleton coupled with genuine-calculate warmth sensors and integrated cooling fans maintain the professional feature de rigueur for cash-building environments. With a large range of the latest connectivity interfaces counting resolution help positive to Even more High Definition at 60Hz, these displays offer the possibility-proofing de rigueur for the investment. These displays also contain expandability options such as the Commence Pluggable Specification (OPS) and Raspberry Pi Whole Module slots for fund integration directly into the show. The NEC P run boasts 700 cd/m2 brightness near the side of with a new challenging-brightness surface with the intention of allows for well-organized readability modish higher ambient light situations and is essential for 24/7 signage modish airports, quick-serve restaurants, fiscal institutions and mandate and control. Stylish and sleak design allows for simple and unobtrusive integration into any environment 700 cd/m² brightness combined with full HD resolution and new challenging-insightful cover surface will capture the concentration of the audience even as allowing for apparent visibility modish normal ambient light conditions Ships with ATSC digital tuner (SB-11TM) allows for high-definition announce capabilities SpectraView Engine allows for exact affect, intensity, gamma or uniformity control for the essential imaging routine Integrated Media Player allows for audio, record or image playback via USB or SD card with the intention of is also upgradeable via LAN Industrial-might, premium-grade panel with bonus thermal protection, domestic warmth sensors with nature-diagnostics and fan-based technology, allows for hassle-free 24/7 operation Full 5 time commercialFull Product Specifications: Click to view
Cover Size: 55″
Show Cover Category: LCD
Show Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Backlight Technology: Edge LED

About full honest points info NEC P554 55IN LCD PUBL DISPL MNTR (P554-AVT2).

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