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NET10 Unlimited LG 220C Flip Cell Phone (TracFone)

awe-inspiring NET10 Boundless LG 220C Flip Cell Phone (TracFone) Assess and Specification

With this LG 220C cellular phone, make a style proclamation with its sleek, flip-commence design body. This LG cell phone is a flip-phone featuring Bluetooth, hands-free speaker, and accent dialing. This LG cell phone features Phonebook storage space opportunity with positive to 1000 entries. This LG mobile phone has 35 MB next to domestic storage space memory for storing wallpapers, ringtones, SMS tones, etc. This LG mobile phone Lithium-Ion array lasts for positive to 240 hours next to stand-near, and provides 2.5 hours of have a discussion calculate next to a single charge. The LG 220C cellular phone has built-modish Bluetooth 2.1 with EDR help, and a 2.5mm headphones socket.Bluetooth Wireless Technology: Have a discussion hands-free with a wireless Bluetooth receiver. Bluetooth Wireless Technology allows you to steadily join devices finished the air with ease.
Airtime Weigh Show: Your TracFone cover displays the Outline and Benefit End Appointment/Days Remaining, as a result you everlastingly know how much Have a discussion/Copy calculate you have and as you’ll need to add Airtime to keep your benefit active.
Features copy messaging, accent e-mail, free caller papers, free encourage coming up | Copy Messaging: Stay connected next to the energy. The skill to hurl and receive post is aptly at your fingertips.Features Downloadable Ringtones and Graphics using Airtime Outline
Stylish Flip Phone design | Plain Affect Show | Includes Bluetooth Wireless Technology
Handsfree Speaker | Open-air Caller papers

About full honest points info NET10 Boundless LG 220C Flip Cell Phone (TracFone).

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