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Nokia 6230i Mobile Camera Cell Phone Unlocked Silver

Splendid Nokia 6230i movable Camera Cell Phone Unlocked Silver Assess and Specification

This item is refurbished. Refurbished bits and pieces have been inspected, cleaned, experienced person, and restored to full effective shape positive at an proper benefit center. Refurbished bits and pieces may control new parts, or may control used, experienced person and re-certified parts. Even as the unit may arrive with some doable light keep for limited surface scratching, it has been cleaned and refreshed, and cast iron to have no technical imperfections and no scratches, blemishes or clouding next to the cover. Faceplate and Back are without any foremost scratching or dents. This iPod is not impressed and array is completely functional.Tri-Band Operation; Automatic switching between bands; EGSM 900, GSM 1800, and GSM 1900 networks modish Europe, Africa, Asia Pacific, North America, and South America where these networks are supported
Refined executive design; 1.3 megapixel camera; Integrated record player for download and playback or for streaming: 3GPP, H.263 record, MPEG-4, and AMR; Music player supports AAC, MP3, and M4A formats
MMS OMA 1.2: combine image, record, copy and accent clips and hurl as MMS to a compatible phone or PC; Supports SMTP, POP3, and IMAP4 protocols
30 MB domestic memory (approximately 26 MB available for record, audio, image minutes, and other papers) MMC built-in modish sales package (opportunity of MMC depends next to location), positive to 512 MB supported

About full honest points info Nokia 6230i movable Camera Cell Phone Unlocked Silver.

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