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Outdoor TV 50″ Weatherproof Television Compatible with LG Ultra HD 4K Smart LED

incredible Open-air TV 50″ Strong Box Compatible with LG Even more HD 4K Smart LED Assess and Specification


50″ LG 4K Smart TV converted for open-air use completely compatible with LG gears.
Sealoc open-air TV’s can happen wall-mounted.
Mounting this open-air tv modish preside finished sunlight or exposing it to harsh, brackish ocean air is no problem.
With this Sealoc open-air, strong TV, your favorite content can happen loved with brilliant, rich insignia, and high refresh rates.


Sealoc Run – encounter the best viewing encounter outdoors modish completely shaded areas be fond of patios and modish-cover porches.
Open-air Viewing Perfection – our premium 4K Even more HD high-brightness cover with preside finished LED backlight is positive to 30% brighter than predictable indoor televisions.
Strong Surrounded by and Made known – Domestic electronic gears are treated with Sealoc’s Nano-Varnish Original Technology to ensure protection hostile to rain, snow, dust, damp and corrosion. The exterior is completely sealed and the robust design is built to last!
Greatest Warmth Functionality – Sealoc Run can go modish a warmth range of -14° to +140° F.


No longer do you have to house your TV surrounded by of a huge, fantastic enclosed box.
This open-air TV is through strong surrounded by and made known.
Sealoc’s unique nano-varnish formula and process have been through rigorous hard both near Sealoc and 3rd have fun hard to ensure it meets the most demanding requirements.
Sealoc’s formula and process meets IP67 and IP68 dust and waterproofing requirments.


Cover: 50-inch Diagonal Affect Active Matrix TFT LED
Resolution: 4K Even more HD 3840 x 2160
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
VESA Mounting Try out: 400mm x 400mm
TV Dimensions: 48.2″ W x 2.2 ” H x 28.46″ D
Accessories Built-in: Remote Control
Speakers: 20 WATT (10W x 2) domestic speakers
TV Weight: 39.2 lbs (23.1 kg)FULLY WEATHERPROOF – These Sealoc open-air TVs can handle greatest ride out conditions whereas other open-air TVs are calculated for use below a patio cover. Sealoc treats the surrounded by TV gears with their original nano-varnish technology.
SEALED SHUT – The exterior of the TV is wrapped and sealed push to to protect domestic electrical gears.
BRIGHTER PICTURE – Sealoc strong open-air TVs offer brilliant, bright and plain pictures with the intention of bring about well modish all lighting situations.
SLIMMER DESIGN – Sealoc open-air TVs preview only be fond of fixed indoor TVs and they can handle harsh ride out conditions.
CLEAR AUDIO – Sealoc open-air and strong TVs offer crystal apparent audio, delivering rich highs, mids and despondent frequencies.

About full honest points info Open-air TV 50″ Strong Box Compatible with LG Even more HD 4K Smart LED.

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