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Outdoor TV 55″ Weatherproof Television Compatible with LG 4K Smart LED Ultra HD IP68

incredible Open-air TV 55″ Strong Box Compatible with LG 4K Smart LED Even more HD IP68 Assess and Specification


55″ LG 4K Smart TV converted for open-air use completely compatible and built with LG gears.
Domestic electrical gears treated with Sealoc’s original nano-varnish technology.
Exterior of the TV is sealed push to to additional protect the domestic electrical gears.
Connections ports next to the rear of the TV are completely protected near a water-resistant notes.
The adjoin bezel is also sealed push to with a water-resistant sealant which additional protects the domestic electrical gears from harsh ride out.
Sealoc open-air TV’s can happen wall-mounted.
Mounting this open-air tv modish preside finished sunlight or exposing it to harsh, brackish ocean air is no problem.
With this Sealoc open-air, strong TV, your favorite content can happen loved with brilliant, rich insignia, and high refresh rates.


55-Inch LED Panel.
Beatiful 4K Resolution.
Smart TV Features.
Strong domestic electrical gears.
Slim and sleek design.
Crystal apparent audio.


Sealoc uses their own original nano-varnish technology with the intention of was earlier only available to NASA and the US Air force to strong sensitive electronics.
Sealoc’s competitors use a huge, fantastic box to make their TV’s “strong” which causes a loss modish routine, corrosion from surrounded by, and loss modish viewing angles.


Show category: LED
Depiction feature: 4K Even more High Definition HDR TruMotion 120 – Depiction calibrated for open-air use.
Smart TV: webOS 3.5, full mess browser, mobile relation
Audio: Sound productivity 20W (10W x 2) DTS-HD
Connections: HDMI connections (3), USB connections (2), Wi-Fi built modish, Ethernet connections (1), Composite modish (1), Optical relation (1)
Dimensions (inches WxDxH) 48.8 x 3.5 x 28.7 (without stand).
Weight: 31.2 lbs(without stand) does not come with stand.
Vesa: 300 x 300✔️ FULLY WEATHERPROOF OUTDOOR TV – Sealoc’s Coastal Run open-air TV is calculated and engineered to happen used outside modish completely exposed areas. Other open-air TVs are calculated for use below a patio cover.
✔️ BRIGHT 4K PICTURE WITH ACTIVE HDR – Sealoc strong open-air TVs offer a brilliant, bright and plain depiction with the intention of facility well modish all lighting situations.
✔️ SUPERIOR WEATHERPROOFING TECHNOLOGY – Nano-covered gears and a sealed exterior makes these TV’s strong surrounded by and made known. Rated for temperatures from -14° to +140° F
✔️ SMARTER TV – Watch Netflix, YouTube, Amazon, Google Mess about, and more. This TV is flush compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.
✔️ SEALOC GUARANTEE – Each Sealoc Coastal TV comes with a 3-time manufacturer limited warranty and is backed near feature customer benefit.

About full honest points info Open-air TV 55″ Strong Box Compatible with LG 4K Smart LED Even more HD IP68.

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