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Padfone X Mini (AT&T Go Phone) No Annual Contract

incredible Padfone X Mini (AT&T Energy Phone) No Annual Contract Assess and Specification

Network Safe and sound with AT&TExperience innovationThe ASUS PadFoneTM X mini transforms from a 4.5″ LTE smartphone into a 7″ LTE tablet. DynamicDisplay Technology: The 4.5″ LTE smartphone activates the 7″ LTE companion tablet station as the phone is docked.ASUS ZenUI: Responsive and snappy, the intuitive ZenUI simplifies the user encounter.Even more-quick processor: The IntelĀ® AtomTM Z2560 1.6GHz computer chip with IntelĀ® Frenzied-Threading Technology provides quick, smooth routine.Apparent daytime photos:The 5MP PixelMaster camera with 2MP adjoin-facing camera offers incredible image feature.Transform your experienceThis unique smartphone comes with a tabletdocking station for interconnectivity without anyneed to sync facts. Most Android apps in succession onthe smartphone will seamlessly transition andauto-chat to all fit the larger show. App layoutsare resized to all fit the two uncommon displays, ensuringyou make the best doable encounter modish each manner.You can point made known the best cover size for everyscenario, switching between smartphone andtablet manner to suit your needs.Simplify your experienceASUS ZenUI is a holistic user boundary with surpass functionality and simplicity. ASUS ZenUI knows what you need, expresses your thoughts, and connects you where on earth you energy. What’s At that calculate: reminds you about your at that calculate vital task or consequence even as reducing distractionsDo It Shortly: keeps all of your responsibilities organized and at handZenLink: integrates your device and your connectionPhone Dimensions: 5.20 x 2.61 x 0.5 inch (WxDxH)Pad Dimensions: 8.01 x 4.7 x 0.83 inch (WxDxH)1 Time ASUS WarrantyAT&T Network Safe and sound
4.5″ LTE Smartphone
7″ LTE Tablet
Intel Atom Z2560 1.6GHz

About full honest points info Padfone X Mini (AT&T Energy Phone) No Annual Contract.

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