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Panasonic 80IN CLASS LED 700 CD/M2 24/7 (TH-80SF2HU)

Splendid Panasonic 80IN CLASS LED 700 CD/M2 24/7 (TH-80SF2HU) Assess and Specification

Built-modish Light papers Transmission Gathering Sends and Receives Information An formerly developed, high-alacrity backlight control technology has achieved Light papers transmission from displays near modulating (intermittent) light at high alacrity. The papers signals transmitted from the show are scan near a smartphone to relay a variety of information, such as traffic guidance or hearsay about shops or harvest. The showed content can also happen provided modish the smartphone title-holder’s native foreign language. Various Types of Signage Operation Are Doable The SF2H Run can automatically initiation screening pictures as a USB memory containing facts is inserted. The show unit can happen used as digital signage without a fit-top box or PC. DIGITAL LINK Gathering Enables Simple Installation and Despondent Logic Expenditure Using DIGITAL LINK makes it doable to transmit record, audio and control signals finished a lingering interval, positive to 150 m (492 ft), with a single LAN cable. Simple cabling also reduces labor during complex. This provides transmission of high-feature images and sounds, as well as remote control. Brilliant, High-Feature 700 cd/m2 Images for Bright Lobbies The SF2H Run provides highly noticeable signage flush modish commence chairs with natural lighting with 700 cd/m2. Amalgamation into surrounding chairs, it has an watch-infectious preview flush as people are moving. Efficiency and Reliability for Unremitting 24-hour Operation The use of highly lasting panel materials and feature electronic gears ensures dependable 24-hour operation seven days a week. This makes the SF1H Run essential for installation modish broadcast seats, scrutiny centers, and other applications where absolute reliability is vital. Point made known the Installation to Contest Your Concentration You can bed in it vertically or horizontally to contest the interval, and roll it 20 degrees forward or back. For installation modish high seats, roll the unit for surpass visibility.Full Product Specifications: Click to view
Cover Size: 80″
Show Cover Category: LCD
Touchscreen: No
Show Resolution: 1920 x 1080

About full honest points info Panasonic 80IN CLASS LED 700 CD/M2 24/7 (TH-80SF2HU).

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