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Panasonic SL-S360 Portable CD Player with Anti-Shock Memory

awe-inspiring Panasonic SL-S360 Portable CD Player with Challenging-Shock Memory Assess and Specification

Panasonic’s SL-S360 is a exact all-around portable CD player, donation both a lasting, excitement-resistant, polycarbonate body and 40-second Challenging-Shock Memory II, which guards hostile to interruptions modish playback awaited to rowdy or active use.

The 1-push, full-commence top cover and insert-positive disc-eject logic simplify disc access and chat, even as Panasonic’s own MASH 1-morsel digital-to-analog conversion logic ensures optimal sound feature. Need more bass? Engage the player’s S-XBS circuit for slamming despondent end.

Playback abilities contain 24-footstep unsystematic-access programming; unsystematic mess about; repeat and resume (which picks positive where the unit left rancid as last stopped); and skip/search. An at the bottom of analog audio productivity lets you hook the player positive with a stereo logic using an optional stereo Y adapter (.125-inch minijack to left/aptly RCA), and a call thrash prevents unintentional early, stopping, or footstep skipping during use or transport.

The player offers positive to 22 hours of unremitting playback with challenging-skip protection rancid and 25 hours with challenging-skip protection next to using 2 AA batteries (not built-in). A despondent-array indicator warns you as a chat is awaited.

The unit can run next to standard or rechargeable batteries and can flush recharge fastidious batteries near itself–keep for happen attentive with the intention of the unit’s array-charging figure facility only with Panasonic’s P-3GAVA/2B or SH-CDB8D rechargeable batteries (no batteries built-in). But you fancy to use the player with a vehicle potential adapter, use only develop SH-CDC9.

What’s modish the Box
CD player, a user’s manual, finished-ear headphones, and an AC potential adapter.Antishock memory II (40 seconds)
Slim and compact design
MASH 1-morsel D/A conversion logic
Super Extra despondent Logic (S-XBS)
24-footstep unsystematic-access programming

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