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Panasonic SL-SX271C Portable CD Player with Car Kit

Splendid Panasonic SL-SX271C Portable CD Player with Car things Assess and Specification

Panasonic’s SL-SX271C meets all the criteria with the intention of you should estimate from a portable CD player with a car adapter kit. It’s frivolous, figure packed, and built to endure the rigors of the path.

To test the SL-SX271C’s 40-second memory buffer, we deliberately dropped the player onto the stump from a height of two feet. The silver, fake case bounced rancid the carpeting, flipped upside down, and did a stomach flop onto the tough stump without skipping.

Impressed near this unit’s show of durability and memory protection, it came as no bolt from the blue with the intention of the SL-SX271C also passed our path test. We plugged the supplied cigarette adapter into our car, slid the cassette adapter into the vehicle’s built-modish deck, and fit the portable CD player next to the dashboard. Ten miles and countless potholes shortly, the music by no means stopped or flush as a result much as hiccupped. Panasonic’s SL-SX27C makes it simple to forget you’re listening to a portable music box with the intention of expenditure a quarter the fee of a custom-installed CD player. The SL-SX27C is also more theftproof than an modish-dash player; only unplug the adapters, slip the SL-SX27C into a shoulder bag or attaché case and tress the car.

The SL-SX27C proved equally impressive as disconnected from a car. Panasonic attentively includes a push pin next to the center of the CD tray with the intention of ejects discs as a result users don’t have to interfere discs baggy with their fingertips. The array lobby, located next to the underside of the player, is a shatter to commence and accurate as well.

The left side of the compact player houses the headphone jack as well as a thin number dial, which proved too tiny for an mean-size thumb. A Call thrash prevents the player from turning next to even as it’s stored modish your backpack or tense positive. Resume, Unsystematic, and Normal switches allows manual access to these functions without relying next to the LED and Left/Aptly disc-skip buttons.

The handsome top panel, with its LED show framed modish hard forbidding, sports an array of silver buttons, counting antishock, skip-left and -aptly arrows, next to/rancid, intermission, and mess about. Modish addition, three tiny buttons activate memory/recall, repeat footstep/repeat all, and an equalizer.

The equalizer offers S-XBS (Super Extra despondent Logic), which enhances the dynamics of each musical genre from classical to rock. Panasonic also incorporates a Teach equalization manner and suggests you use it “to dodge annoying other passengers with blast from your headphones even as riding the teach, or to lower fatigue as listening for a lingering cycle of calculate.” Unfortunately, the difference between Teach and Normal equalization modes was only barely traceable.

The SL-S222’s sound was impressive, thankfulness to Panasonic’s much-admired 1-morsel MASH (multistage blast-shaping) technology and its comfortable headphones. The headphones outperformed the harsh, bass-anemic variety with the intention of come packaged with most portable CD players.

As for programming features, the SL-SX27C has them covered as well, enabling users to curriculum positive to 24 tracks modish any desired peacefulness. Panasonic’s plainly written, well-illustrated directions, and intuitive user boundary helped us curriculum an 18-footstep CD modish preferred peacefulness modish a cut-rate amount of than 20 seconds.


  • Impressive 40-second antishock protection
  • despondent forthcoming headphones
  • Attractive, ergonomic design
  • Simple to curriculum

40-second antiskip buffer and 24-footstep programmable CD memory
Panasonic S-XBS bass boost and 1-morsel MASH digital-to-analog converter
Disc eject, call thrash, and manifold playback modes
Even more-light design with car kit delivers simple portability
Includes headphones and AC adapter

About full honest points info Panasonic SL-SX271C Portable CD Player with Car things.

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