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Panasonic TC-P65ZT60 65-Inch 1080p 600Hz 3D Smart Plasma TV (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

incredible Panasonic TC-P65ZT60 65-Inch 1080p 600Hz 3D Smart Plasma TV (Discontinued near Manufacturer) Assess and Specification

Panasonic ZT60 Run Plasma HDTV (60 and 65-Inch)

A real leap forward modish depiction feature routine

The top-of-the-line ZT60 run features a Studio Master Panel with air gapless technology which offers reference-level optical routine with superb bright-field contrast and astute, crisp images. Near eliminating the check air layer between the panel and the adjoin schooner, the Studio Master Panel minimizes reflections from open-air light and improves panel light transmission, for the essential huge-cover depiction feature.

This TV has a sleek, minimalist design featuring lone sheet of schooner and narrow metal bezel.  What’s more, each limb of the household can have their extremely own personalized cover. Point made known a standard, preset configuration, or make your own completely customized cover tailored specifically to your taste.


Crisp, Moving Pictures

3000 All ears Field Drive technology allows for high budge-image routine. This gathering is splendid for dynamic sports scenes and spectacular quick-action trade show shots.

Crisp Moving Pictures

Rendering Essential Blacks

Take pleasure modish remarkable contrast with incredibly deep black levels, flush modish bright rooms. Enhancements to the ZT60 run panel and cells allow for rich blacks and fussy detail to happen showed. 

Ultimate Black Levels

Smooth, Soft Images

Light is emitted modish 30,720 steps for smooth gradation. Additionally, a large affect breadth (DCI 98% Affect Interval) allows for jet black, brilliant whites, deep reds, and a rich and plain image.

Smooth, Velvety Images

Super Apparent Resolution

With 1080p Pure Preside finished gathering and a quick image processor, Panasonic TVs breed record with stunning feature, bringing you high-res images with life-be fond of insignia.

Super Clear 1080p Resolution

Smart TV Through Simple

More fun comes via a cloud benefit. VIERA Internet-equipped TVs figure VIERA Join, a cloud benefit with the intention of provides access to apps for record, music, shared networking, games, hearsay, lifestyle, sports, and health/appropriateness. Standard apps contain Amazon Instant Record, Netflix, Facebook, Twitter, and huluplus. Panasonic’s Smart VIERA platform makes TV entertainment more intuitive, more comfortable, and bags more fun.

my Home Cover

Make your TV private. VIERA allows you to aptly away access your favorite content next to a personalized TV cover. It’s a whole new user encounter with the intention of is all about….you.

my Home Screen

Accent Interaction, Accent Guidance, and Remote App 2

Search for content, input copy onto cover, or run your TV near austerely discussion into your Upset Pad Controller (built-in) or smartphone (with VIERA remote 2 app downloaded). The VIERA remote 2 is a free app with the intention of allows you to not only chat channels, inputs, and number, keep for also chat settings be fond of affect, contrast, and brightness next to your TV.


Swipe and Impart 2.0

Basically impart unique moments with your family and friends. Link your smart device to the TV and freely impart content near swiping forward with lone fiddle with. Keep near swiping back with two fingers.


Dual Basic Hexa-Processing Engine

The Dual Basic Hexa Processor analyzes and optimizes each image for crisp, fussy pictures flush during quick-paced action. This powerful engine also streamlines multi-tasking between the TV’s smart functions. Run applications, search via the mess browser, or stream content promptly and seamlessly without delays or lags.

Dual Core Hexa-Processing Engine


     Technical Honest points

    Record: 60 and 65-Inch class (leisurely diagonally), Full HD 1080p, 600Hz refresh rate, Dual Basic with Hexa Processing engine
    Key Features: Smart TV, Built-modish wireless LAN & Bluetooth, THX 3D certification, ISFccc certification, VIERA Link, Electronic upset pen competent
    Input and Productivity Connections: 3 HDMI, 3 USB
    Eco-Forthcoming Features: Mercury and lead-free panel, lingering panel life (positive to 100,000 hours)
    What’s modish the Box: ZT60 HDTV, 3D active glasses (2 pairs built-in), VIERA upset pad controller, TV remote, user manual


2013 Panasonic VIERA Plasma HDTV Comparison Chart

Run ZT60
60″, 65″
55″, 60″, 65″ 50″, 55″, 60″, 65″
50″, 60″, 65″
42″, 50″
Show Resolution 1080p Full HD 3D 1080p Full HD 3D 1080p Full HD 3D 1080p Full HD 720p HD
Show Drive
3000 All ears Field Drive
3000 All ears Field Drive
2500 All ears Field Drive
600Hz Sub-Field Drive
600Hz Sub-Field Drive
Internet Equipped
Built-modish Wi-Fi w/ Bluetooth

Built-modish Wi-Fi w/ Bluetooth

Built-modish Wi-Fi w/ Bluetooth
Built-modish Wireless LAN
Shades of Gradation
30,720 steps

30,720 steps

12,288 steps

6,144 steps 6,144 steps
Surround Speaker Manner
VR-Audio Pro Surround 2.1

VR-Audio Pro The boards 2.1
VR-Audio Pro Surround 2.1
Mercury and Lead Free Panel

NeoPlasma Black 3000

NeoPlasma Black 3000
NeoPlasma Black
Filter Essential Black Endless Black Even more Endless Black Pro
3D Eyewear Built-in 2 built-in 2 built-in 2 built-in
2D-3D Conversion

Manufacturer Warranty
1 time

1 time

1 time

1 time

1 time
Media Player (SD, USB, DLNA via LAN)







3 2

Help Figure
ARC (input 2)

ARC (input 2)

ARC (input 2)

ARC (input 2)

ARC (input 2)

Component Record Input
1 RCA phono category (lower)

1 RCA phono category (lower)

1 RCA phono category (lower)

1 RCA phono category (rear)

1 RCA phono category (rear)
USB Port




Digital Audio Productivity (Optical)
1 (side)

1 (side) 1 (side) 1 (rear) 1 (rear)
 1 (lower)

 1 (lower)

1 (lower) 1 (rear)
SD Card Slot



Online Movies Only


my Home Cover/Swipe & Impart 2.0

VIERA Remote 2 (App Compat.)*

Shared Networking TV & Skype**

Accent Guidance

Accent Interaction

Electronic Upset Pen Capability

Quick Switching Phosphors

VIERA Upset Pad Controller Built-in

ISFCC Certification

Dual Basic with Hexa Processing

THX 3D Certification

Built-modish Camera


THX 3D Certification

Studio Master Panel

*Does not contain smartphone
**Optional communication camera vital

Studio Master Panel, Encounter essential black affect, contrast and crisp images
Lone Sheet of Schooner Design: Eliminate gaps to produce optimized depiction with elegant aesthetics
30,720 Gradation Steps: Superior shadow definition allows for a richer viewing encounter
DCI 98% Affect Interval: Take pleasure modish cinema-feature depiction and affect reproduction
TV without stand (Width x Height x Depth): 59.4 X 34.9 X 1.82 Inches, TV with stand (Width x Height x Depth): 59.4 X 38.6 X 12.8 Inches

About full honest points info Panasonic TC-P65ZT60 65-Inch 1080p 600Hz 3D Smart Plasma TV (Discontinued near Manufacturer).

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