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Pantech Link Phone (AT&T)

incredible Pantech Link Phone (AT&T) Assess and Specification

This is a GSM Pantech Link P7-40 cellular phone with the intention of was activated through AT&T(formally Cingular).This is ONLY compatable with AT&T/Cingular benefit.Its the phone and array only with **NO CHARGER** Its modish excellent shape positive,is a used phone,was experienced person and facility. *****PLEASE NOTE:But you are export this phone for use next to a carrier other than what this is listed for or for use outside of the United States please see the following: It is the BUYERS RESPONSIBILITY to try made known for compatibility next to their carrier and be with you what technology this phone uses.This phone is now LOCKED to the listed carrier and would need to happen unlocked to use next to another carrier*****3G-enabled quick-messaging phone with full QWERTY upright and simple access to messaging, e-e-mail and shared networking
Compatible with AT&T Record Impart, AT&T movable Music, and AT&T Navigator GPS curve-near-curve directions
1.3-megapixel camera/camcorder; Bluetooth stereo music; microSD memory extension to 32 GB; controller tools; digital audio player
Positive to 3 hours of have a discussion calculate, positive to 240 hours (10 days) of defend calculate
What’s modish the Box: handset, rechargeable array, charger, quick initiation guide, user manual

About full honest points info Pantech Link Phone (AT&T).

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