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Phillips 50PFL5601/F7 4k 50″ LED TV, Black (Certified Refurbished)

incredible Phillips 50PFL5601/F7 4k 50″ LED TV, Black (Certified Refurbished) Assess and Specification

Your favorite HD content modish Even more HD. With the Philips 50-Inch Smart 4K Even more HD LED HDTV, encounter even more-astute honest points with 4K Even more HD. The Philips 50PFL5601/F7 also features 4K upscaling for flush surpass HD content, even as Sonic Emotion Premium facility to make a rich 3D Surround Sound. Wireless Screencasting allows you to seamlessly mirror content from your mobile device directly to your TV. The Philips 50-inch Smart 4K Even more HD LED HDTV contains numerous steaming apps to contain Netflix, YouTube, Vudu, Pandora, CinemaNow, Hotlist, Xumo and DLNA Media Browser allowing you access to the content you want to watch.The Phillips 50PFL5601/F7 delivers stunning depiction feature and clarity from innovative features with the intention of deposit greater beauty into each pixel.
The powerful LED show breed an impressive 5000:1 contrast ratio, sharper detail, and more affect uniformity
The 4k resolution show produces an incredible level of vivacity and crystal-apparent detail.

About full honest points info Phillips 50PFL5601/F7 4k 50″ LED TV, Black (Certified Refurbished).

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