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Phillips 58PFL4609/F7 1080p 58″ LCD TV, Black (Certified Refurbished)

awe-inspiring Phillips 58PFL4609/F7 1080p 58″ LCD TV, Black (Certified Refurbished) Assess and Specification

LED lighting technology is the most well ahead available. Modish this TV it combines an watch-infectious minimalistic design with stunning image feature, as well as being the lowest potential employment modish its category. Another environmental benefit is with the intention of LED lighting technology does not control unsafe materials. With an LED backlight you can take pleasure modish despondent potential employment, high brightness, incredible contrast and serration and vibrant insignia. 120 Hz Exact Budge Rate (PMR) makes greatest budge serration for apparent and vibrant images modish quick action movies. The new Philips PMR standard reduces rejoinder calculate of the HDTV to produce closer depiction transitions and reduces budge artifacts. DTS TruSurround makes an immersive, figure-rich surround sound encounter from two speakers, exact with rich bass, high frequency detail and apparent dialog. Extremely broad sweet tinge for most pragmatism and enjoyment, sculpted bass to optimize despondent frequency routine of tiny drivers and enclosures, dialog enhancement to ensure apparent and intelligible vocals and definition control for most high-frequency pragmatism and clarity.The Phillips 58PFL4609/F7 delivers stunning depiction feature and clarity from innovative features with the intention of deposit greater beauty into each pixel.
The powerful LCD show breed an impressive 4000:1 contrast ratio, sharper detail, and more affect uniformity
The 1080p resolution show produces an incredible level of vivacity and crystal-apparent detail.

About full honest points info Phillips 58PFL4609/F7 1080p 58″ LCD TV, Black (Certified Refurbished).

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