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QFX PBX-61158/BL Portable Battery Powered Speaker

incredible QFX PBX-61158/BL Portable Array Powered Speaker Assess and Specification

Bring the entertainment with you with QFX’s PBX-61158. This Bluetooth Portable Rechargeable Speaker comes equipped with 4600W of tough-arresting potential. deposit next to’t hurt your back near having to carry this speaker. Use the handle and caster wheels to make transporting simple. Use your Bluetooth compatible mobile device to stream your favorite songs wirelessly! QFX leads the promote modish lifestyle consumer electronics near delivering innovative product designs and exceptional routine to regard-conscious regulars without negotiate. With three decades at the frontline of feature electronics, QFX stands steady modish its commitment to offer the latest modish Bluetooth audio, tailgating and DJ speaker systems, LED T.V.s, and many other prosumer multimedia solutions, affording budget-all ears families, businesses, and all modish between, industry-leader feature without contravention the bank. From freshman dorm to alumni footstep have fun, from first apartment to family home, QFX has the gear you need at the fee you want!Bluetooth streaming, FM telephone logic, USB/SD player with remote control
Guitar, Microphone and RCA inputs
15 inch woofer protected with a metal question cover
Includes extendable handle and caster wheels for ease of transport
Integrated 36mm pole mount socket

About full honest points info QFX PBX-61158/BL Portable Array Powered Speaker.

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