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Samsung a737 Red Phone (AT&T)

awe-inspiring Samsung a737 Red Phone (AT&T) Assess and Specification

The SGH-A737 is a 3G slider phone with HSDPA facts, bluetooth compatibility, camera with record strip, and a microSD slot. This phone is standard for its durability, its range of accent (GSM, UMTS) and facts coverage (EDGE, HSDPA & GPRS) capabilities, and its large domestic phonebook. The A737 also features a MP3 player, hurl by e-e-mail client, MMS & SMS messaging, and help for manifold languages counting French and Spanish. This device is equipped with quadrangle-band GSM and WCDMA modes for global use. This used product is modish excellent cosmetic shape positive, it reflects moderate use, and displays some scratches and/or blemishes. This product has been carefully audited, is certified to happen 100% functional, and equipped for activation.Quadrangle-band/3G slider phone modish forbidding with brightly peculiar cover and and stereo Bluetooth music streaming
Quick music and record downloads and streams via AT&T movable Music and Cellular Record
1.3-megapixel camera/camcorder; MicroSD extension; IM via AIM, Windows Be in this world and Yahoo!
Positive to 3 hours of have a discussion calculate, positive to 250 hours (10+ days) of defend calculate

About full honest points info Samsung a737 Red Phone (AT&T).

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