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Sceptre 50 Inches 4K LED TV U508CV-UMK 2016 (2017)

awe-inspiring Sceptre 50 Inches 4K LED TV U508CV-UMK 2016 (2017) Assess and Specification

Take modish the scenery as four times the pixels of Full HD resolution elucidate a world of endless affect and stunning detail with the intention of can only happen establish next to the Sceptre U run. HDMI 2.0: Explore all the 4K content with the intention of you want without acrificing streaming routine. HDMI 2.0 is compatible with all previous HDMI versions as a result any HDMI equipped device will do. HDCP 2.2 guarantees with the intention of all 4K notes is copyright protected and will readily stream all 4K content with the intention of is available now and modish the possibility. MHL (shared with HDMI 1 port): Stream all of the content from your smartphone or tablet next to the Sceptre UHD to make the most of next to visually enhanced depiction feature. Audio Return Preside finished (ARC): Hurl and receive all audio content next to the Sceptre UHD TV using lone HDMI cable. Consumer Electronics Control (CEC): Advance control of the TV and all connected devices (positive to 15 whole) all next to lone remote. Astoundingly, also control the TV with the connected devices. MEMC 120: From battle scenes to car chases, MEMC 120 will smoothly transition through all quick-paced action quences. USB 2.0: Aptly away go sky-high through pictures and access stored music as a flash drive is inserted into the USB port. More Inputs, More Look excellent: With HDMI, Component, and Composite inputs, we offer a convenient weigh between the ancient and new as a result you can join devices your road.Even more High Resolution 3840 x 2160; Even more Slim Design.
The 4K TV Box is calculated for U500 run.
HDMI 2.0, the max throughput of a beefy 18Gbps; HDCP 2.2
MHL ROKU Equipped
USB Port; 3x HDMI
Even more High Contrast 5,000,000:1

About full honest points info Sceptre 50 Inches 4K LED TV U508CV-UMK 2016 (2017).

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