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Sharp LC-15E1U 15-Inch AQUOS LCD Flat-Panel TV, Silver

incredible Astute LC-15E1U 15-Inch AQUOS LCD Flat-Panel TV, Silver Assess and Specification

Take pleasure modish slim, stylish record images from Astute’s figure-packed, high-tech 15-inch LC-15E1U Aquos cover. The monitor comes with a built-modish cable TV tuner and events a cut-rate amount of than 3 inches deep. Flush as it’s positioned near a dialogue box or other high-brightness location, its proprietary Well ahead Super View panel with black TFT antiglare varnish makes it bright ample for you to view its brilliant insignia with ease.

The LC-15E1U is an Aquos E-run develop, which means it has a sleek and minimalist style with the intention of’s essential for wall installations, with speakers next to the underside of the TV and a narrower body than other Astute Aquos models have. It also includes a removable easel-style table stand. With wider horizontal and vertical viewing angles than most LCDs have and a built-modish stand with the intention of tilts and swivels, the LC-15E1U can happen positioned at effectively any angle and you’ll happen assured of a apparent depiction. An image-inverting figure flush makes it simple to flip the image upside down or mirror it.

The fit features component-record, composite-record, S-record for your DVD player, VCR, or gaming console, an RF antenna input for older VCRs and cable boxes, as well as a cable-equipped, built-modish 181-preside finished tuner. An electronic PLL tuner handles finished-air reception of TV programming. The monitor’s energy-well-organized design consumes 60 percent a cut-rate amount of potential than a check box with the constant-size cover consumes.15-inch ASV (Well ahead Super View) LCD panel with 170-point viewing angles; TV is 14.9 x 13.8 x 6.15 inches (W x H x D)
Built-modish 181-preside finished tuner accommodates cable TV signals, aux inputs handle DVD players, VCRs, or game consoles
High brightness (430 cd/m2) as a result the fit can happen placed near windows, doors, or other light sources and its depiction will pass the time plain
Image Inverter for custom installations flips image upside-down or mirrors it
60,000-hour lamp life for being of viewing; 500:1 contrast ratio provides incredible images modish dark and bright scenes

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