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Sylvania 6620LE 20-Inch Flat-Panel LCD TV

incredible Sylvania 6620LE 20-Inch Flat-Panel LCD TV Assess and Specification

With a depiction with the intention of’s as crisp and apparent as it is vibrant and dynamic, Sylvania’s 20-inch 6620LE LCD box is exact for use with progressive-scan (480p) record signals be fond of those from many DVD players and satellite receivers. It also happens to accommodate full 1080i high-definition TV signals from DTV fit-top boxes, let you take pleasure modish splendid depiction feature modish your kitchen, bedroom, or office without sacrificing a whole wall to a fantastic TV or monitor.

The 6620LE offers a 10.6-inch profile and an domestic NTSC tuner for convenient announce-box viewing with features be fond of car preside finished complex, V-Poker chip parental controls, SAP (second audio curriculum), and closed-bearing decoding. Image feature benefits from a 3-line digital comb filter (which removes blurred edges between insignia and reduces “dot crawl”) alongside the fit’s native high brightness (500 candles/check meter), a high contrast ratio (500:1), and large (170 x 155-degrees) viewing angles.

The foremost benefits of an LCD cover contain the crystal clarity of images and their compact form. And, be fond of all LCDs, this unit is immune to the distortion and unenthusiastic affect balances lone may run into as using a check CRT box near glowing lighting or speaker systems.

Two abstruse speakers branch out stereo sound from either side of the cover. For connections, you make 1 each composite- and S-record inputs for your DVD player, VCR, or other audio/record device, and a fit of component-record inputs for your progressive-scan DVD player or DTV fit-top box.

The onboard 181-preside finished tuner offers PLL frequency-synthesized tuning, depiction controls (contrast, brightness, affect, tint), and you can access its clever onscreen menu from the TV’s adjoin panel or from the supplied full-gathering remote control. Car take a nap timer/potential rancid saves energy with a preset cycle of inactivity, even as resume potential-next to will recall the fit’s potential disorder following a concise potential outage. The 6620LE is Energy Star-compliant.

What’s modish the Box
TV, remote control, remote batteries, a user’s manual, and warranty information.Slim-profile LCD box compatible with 480p/1080i record signals; 24.5 x 19.2 x 10.6 inches (W x H x D)
High (500 cd/m2) brightness, high (500:1) contrast ratio; large viewing angles (170 near 155 degrees, horizontal/vertical)
Includes 181-preside finished NTSC tuner and a 3-line digital comb filter to remove blurred edges between insignia
MTS/SAP stereo sound with 2 abstruse speakers; RF, composite-record, S-record, and component-record inputs
Full-gathering remote control, V-Poker chip parental controls

About full honest points info Sylvania 6620LE 20-Inch Flat-Panel LCD TV.

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