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The Silver Series Ultra 43″ Outdoor TV

awe-inspiring The Silver Run Even more 43″ Open-air TV Assess and Specification

The World’s Thinnest (TV’s from 1″ Deep) and World’s 1st Open-air LED HD TV. Supplying TV’s preside finished to Corporations, Hotels and The Centralized Government in view of the fact with the intention of 2004. All of our harvest are bespoke modish the USA and come with a Full Replacement Look excellent! All of our TV’s are name brand sets. We offer “rancid-the-shelf” 22″ to 84″ Samsung, Vizio, Astute or LG LED HD TV’s which assures you make the latest and most positive to appointment technology. How do we look excellent our harvest are safe, sealed and secure? We first remove the back panel of the tv exposing all electrical gears and circuit boards. We apply a unique silicone sealant to all gears counting the speakers to protect them from dampness, bugs and dissipate. We at that calculate secure a proprietary crust to all ventilation holes next to the back cover. This crust allows excitement to getting away from keep for is watertight to dampness. In view of the fact with the intention of fill up drains down, we leave the holes at the underside of the back cover exposed as a result here is a natural excitement convection from the underside of the box to the vents at the top to allow for proper cooling. Some calculate ago all vents have been covered, we apply a sealant to all the screw holes and reattach the back cover. As the cover is modish house, we at that calculate seal the perimeter joints where the back cover attaches to the cover as well as the joints next to the adjoin of the tv where the frame meets the viewing cover. With all has been sealed, we coat the entire tv with a proprietary notes with the intention of repels fill up and acts as a uv barrier. The final process is to protect the audio/record inputs and outputs, We seal the lower-level housing where these connections are located. Attached is a water-resistant Velcro and pliable translucent fake to protect all cables appearance into and made known of the tv. All tv’s come with water-resistant remote control and water-resistant box cover as well.Unfilled Clients: Disney, Complete Studios, The U.S. Army, NASA, Kennedy Interval Center, Sea World, CBS and many more.
Worlds Thinnest Open-air 4K TV!
TV’s Custom Changed for Open-air Use. Resistant to rain, dust, insects, etc. Warmth Range: -25 to 145 degrees F
The Brightest Open-air TV’s next to the promote! 1 billion insignia, TFT Active Matrix Liquid Crystal with Enhanced Brightness LED Backlight Lilt Technology. 40% A cut-rate amount of Energy, Higher Contrast, No Mercury Gears.
100% Cast iron

About full honest points info The Silver Run Even more 43″ Open-air TV.

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