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TomTom Bandit 4k Action Video Camera

awe-inspiring TomTom Bandit 4k Action Record Camera Assess and Specification

Introducing the TomTom Bandit Action Camera – only shake to check finished. The TomTom Bandit is the first ever camera to come with a built-modish media ma?tre d’h?tel, eliminating the need to download confirmation before being competent to check finished it. The camera facility with a companion app, building it doable to make and impart videos modish a topic of outline, austerely near shaking a smartphone. The TomTom Bandit Action Camera is equipped with modish-camera budge and GPS sensors to automatically learn and tag exciting moments based next to alacrity, elevation, G-break down, acceleration and sensitivity rate. Highlights can also happen tagged manually with a cataloging pin next to the camera or the remote control. The TomTom Bandit facility with a smartphone app, which includes a superfast viewfinder. Confirmation can happen reviewed aptly away with the smartphone app thankfulness to the built-modish media ma?tre d’h?tel. Modish control manner, a simple shake of the smartphone aptly away makes an exciting trade show. Users can at that calculate basically make changes, add music and add overlays of favorite metrics, such as alacrity, before allotment with friends.4k HD record camera provides the peak resolution action confirmation
Lingering array life allows for 3h of non-stop filming with cable-free Batt-stab
Sport action camera contains built-modish sensors to monitor Alacrity, G-break down, Elevation, and Rotation and appears next to playback videos to prove your routine
Use the Bandit App (iOS & Android) for instant playback and to basically drag, decline and impart all action confirmation
Basically mount the action camera with the Energy-Pro Mount Adapter (built-in). Water-resistant to 40M

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