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Toshiba 36AF43 36″ Flat Screen TV

Splendid Toshiba 36AF43 36″ Flat Cover TV Assess and Specification

Your favorite movies, programs and record games appear flush more life-be fond of next to the flat cover of this Toshiba 36″ TV awaited to an increased viewing angle and enhanced depiction linearity. Surround sound, adjoin-firing dual baffle speaker logic and sub bass logic offer an enhanced home acting encounter without watch bonus speakers. Other features contain adjoin panel AV input, 2 rear AV inputs, rear S-record input, ColorStream component record inputs, 3-line digital comb filter, well ahead velocity scan lilt, affect warmth control, take a nap timer, record tress, and much more. Includes glow complete remote control with the intention of is compatible with most VCRs. View larger image for cable connect guidelines. $99.99 freight provides modish-home truck style of speaking benefit ($200 regard). Imported. Whole Dimensions: 24-3/10Lx38-3/10Wx29-3/5H. Weight: 193 lbs.36-inch CRT fit with standard 4:3 aspect ratio and high-contrast flat tube; 38.2 x 29.6 x 24.25 inches (W x H x D)
3-line digital comb filter and Vertical Contour Rectification enhance affect clarity
ColorStream component-record input offers optimal relation from a compatible DVD player or satellite receiver
Adjoin AV input accommodates camcorder or gaming console
Stereo reception with SAP, 5 watts per preside finished

About full honest points info Toshiba 36AF43 36″ Flat Cover TV.

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