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Toshiba MV19M2 19-Inch TV/VCR Combo , Black

incredible Toshiba MV19M2 19-Inch TV/VCR Combo , Black Assess and Specification

This 19-inch TV/VCR combo is all about convenience, from its compact, dorm- and bedroom-forthcoming size (roughly 19 inches cubed) to its rich figure fit and affordable fee.

The MV19M2’s most convenient strip figure is indeed its eight-consequence, lone-month programmable timer. For more spontaneous taping, lone-upset strip simplifies strip surrounded by a 24-hour cycle: a single pin starts strip and lets you fit the confirmation length.

The TV offers a 19-inch CRT cover, a 181-preside finished frequency-synthesized tuner, and an onscreen show for simple complex and operation.

The monaural VCR uses two record heads and digital car tracking. Car Mess about automatically starts as a pre-recorded strip is placed modish the machine, even as with Car Repeat prerecorded tapes will reverse and commence mess about with the initial playback is finished.

Adjoin AV input jacks let you promote modish a camcorder, gaming console, VCR, or other device, even as a 0.128-inch monaural earphone jack grants the option of private listening.

Other features
Air force contain car timer fit, a bilingual onscreen show (English/Spanish), V-Poker chip parental control (helps keep inappropriate eyes from mature content), and a 360-small rancid timer can happen used either as an alarm timer to wake you with your favorite trade show or to have the fit curve rancid automatically as viewing modish the sundown.

The MV19M2 comes with a unified remote control. The Energy Star-compliant unit events 18.8 near 19.25 near 18.3 inches and weighs 41.9 pounds. A 90-calculate warranty covers labor, lone time for parts, with two-time coverage next to the depiction tube.Amalgamation TV/VCR featuring 19-inch TV and 2-have control finished mono VCR
Adjoin panel A/V input for camcorders and game systems
Next to-cover menu simplifies programming
Car timer fit
Unified remote control

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