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TracFone LG L442G 4G Prepaid Phone

Splendid TracFone LG L442G 4G Prepaid Phone Assess and Specification

This TracFone LG 442G Prepaid Cell Phone serves as a useful uncommon to people who don’t want to commit to a month-to-month cell benefit plot. With this prepaid phone, you can pay as you energy. This allows you to footstep the amount of cash you’re spending basically. The prepaid flip phone is simple to use and helps you keep footstep of your calculate-to-calculate. It comes completely biased with a large variety of applications, counting internet access, copy and depiction messaging and an alarm timer. The phone tome holds positive to 1,000 entries, and the hands-free speaker allows you to join basically even as pouring. Listen to your favorite tunes next to the MP3 player, and take photos and videos to impart with friends and family. This TracFone cell phone comes with positive to 3.6 hours of have a discussion calculate. It includes an activation card, a array, a charger and a air force guide. 4.5″ Touchscreen
3G Alacrity
Android 5.1, Lollipop
1.1 GHz Quadrangle-Basic Processor
Plans sold unconnectedly.

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