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Verizon LG VX-5400 Cell Phone

incredible Verizon LG VX-5400 Cell Phone Assess and Specification

This bring up to date to the VX5300 has a thinner frame even as eliminating the open-air antenna. The VX5400 features a VGA camera, dual affect show, speakerphone, accent control, and BREW. This cell phone also comes requipped with Bluetooth compatibility, GPS, and help for manifold languages counting English and Spanish. The LG VX5400 is a no-embellishments phone calculated to make and receive high feature calls, and happen an simple-to-use device.

This product has been carefully audited and is certified to happen 100% functional.
This offer includes the following accessories 1. Array 2. Array Cover (but applicable) 3. Wall Charger

About full honest points info Verizon LG VX-5400 Cell Phone.

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